Ventilation and Massage

Most of us would agree, that life has significantly changed in the last few months. We are all experiencing a new way of living and doing our best to navigate a new normal with Covid 19.

As life slowly reopens and we return we to our beloved hair salons, skincare and massage therapy clinics, we as professionals, need to remain mindful that we do our best to insure our clients a safe treatment with proper ventilation measures. Your health is the most important thing to us.

The question of safety has been something many of my clients have been asking me about lately. Will they be safe in a clinic with no open windows? Will they be safe if there are many clients at once in a confined space? Is there any fresh air at all? Are we at risk if we book a massage or skin treatment in a poorly ventilated practice space?

All excellent questions!

One of the many things I love about my new practice space at the Sweelinkplein, is that it is spacious and well ventilated with open windows. I can assure that every client who books an appointment with me, now and in the future will always enter a space that has been throughly cleaned and well ventilated before entering, as this will ensure the room is clear of any lingering stale air, bacteria or viruses.
I book only one appointment at a time and only 1 client is in the practice space during an appointment. Before my client enters the space, the room is ventilated with open windows for a minimum of 15 minutes. Your peace of mind is my peace of mind.

My goal has always been to offer top quality massage therapy services to meet the needs of my clients and I will strive to make my clients safety my top priority!! Now and always.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

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