Massage Therapy for Runners and Athletes

Therapeutic Massage Karen Joseph CMT


Are you a Runner?
Do you want to know the secret of how professional runners track those extra kilometers with less injury and less recovery time?
Massage Therapy can help!

If you are an athlete or a runner and training an average of 2-3 times per week, introducing a monthly professional therapeutic massage into your training schedule will benefit not only your sports performance but also your overall health.

Micro-tears and running.
Hearing the word micro-tears may sound alarming to you, but it’s actually a part of the natural process that helps your muscles get stronger. After a run or a workout, some of your muscle cells can be slightly damaged—displaying what’s often referred to as “micro-tears.” This usually results in a condition known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.

A professional massage therapist, trained in specific modalities can help reduce or even prevent DOMS by increasing much needed blood…

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Written by Karen Joseph CMT

I have been a Certified Massage Therapist with 500+ hours of massage training from Ocean County, New Jersey and I have been practising for 14 years now. I have worked in multiple settings throughout the years. I have worked in salons, Day Spas, five-star hotels, a Chiropractor office and also a physical therapy office and now as an Entrepreneur. I have worked in New Jersey, California, Italy, and St. Maarten. These experiences not only helped me grow as a therapist but also help me with my interpersonal skills and how to treat and educate different people from different walks of life. I specialise in Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Trigger point therapy, Cupping therapy and Prenatal massage. In the past few years of my career, I have mainly focused on clients who have an active lifestyle and are looking for relief from chronic pain, injuries or just looking to relieve some stress. I love this area of massage therapy because of the gratification I get from the immediate to gradual results. Massage Therapy is my passion and I try my best to stay up to date with the latest techniques that are out there. By doing this, I can ensure my clients that I have their best interest at heart and my treatments are tailored to give them the best results possible. My goal ultimate goal as a Massage Therapist is to treat, advise, guide and teach my clients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their physical well being.

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